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Posted May 10, 2022 at 12:03 am

Just want to get to the current page? Click here!

(more elaborate Home page coming soon)

We got a few updates coming to the site during these upcoming months! For now, we added a Timeline to the About page that details all current Raison events - which includes future parts that are still visible on the Mirror Site and Specials that aren't archived here just yet. Think of those moments as teasers IF you decide to check it out!

Other plans - Finally setting up a proper Home page here, where you can click on where you want to go (beginning of story, current page, that sort of thing) and getting the beginnings of a Gallery Section created. There's....A LOOOT of art, you know! We may group up pics by themes or something and post them groups at a time.

Until then, hope you've been enjoying the old pages! And, if you have any questions, fan content, etc, you can send them to c14comics@gmail.com OR @c14comics over on Twitter (where they will definitely get showcased until galleries are up!)

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