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Beware of some spoilers below!

In order of appearance:

Nakamura Rin

Official NKP Alias: Renée Favreau

NKP Rank: Hunter-Captain (Past), Guardian (Present)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

DOB: December 30, 1960

Rin is the single mother of two and the Captain of the Tokyo branch of the Favreau Clan. After a long hiatus, she returned to the NKP, choosing to start a Clanhouse in her new homeland in order to help with the increasing number of Umbrians unfamiliar to Eastern officers. At first she acted alone, but now her children (and her daughter’s best friend) are assisting her as well. She is actually a very understanding and patient woman…but sometimes the stress of both work and parenthood can get to her. After retiring, she moved back to her hometown in France. She was always more of a country gal anyway.

Nakamura Yukina

Other Names: Yucchan (by her friends), Yuki (by her mother)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Asexual

DOB: August 14, 2014

Yukina loves stories.  Like, a lot.  Her current fascination is the NKP, specifically two members she looks up to as her heroines.  She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an inexhaustible well of questions, and she will not stop until she has answers to each and every one of them.  While usually respectful toward her elders and authority figures, she's well-known for her sharp tongue and withering glare, which is often aimed at her best friend, Rie.

Miyamoto Rie

Other Names: Ri-chan (by Yukina)

Gender: Female

Race: Halfling (Celestial Kitsune, Human)

Orientation: Bisexual

DOB: October 8, 2013

Rie is the student of the Captain of the Favreau-Tokyo Clanhouse, Véronique Favreau (also known by her given name, seen in the entry below).  She's highly energetic and has great potential, but also has no concept of personal space or moderation.  Her halfling nature gave her unusual powers, including the ability to transform freely into a fox.  She's brash, loud, and often tactless, and yet she and Yukina are fast friends.

Nakamura Sachiko

Other Names: Sachi-kun (by Pan), Sacchan (by Tomoko)

Official NKP Alias: Véronique Favreau

NKP Rank: Hunter-Officer (Past), Wanderer-Captain (Present)

Gender: Demifemale (she/her)

Orientation: Pansexual

DOB: December 15, 1988

Sachiko's accolades as an NKP officer are many, and it's no surprise.  Through Rin, she's descended from a famous NKP clan, and much of her life has been wrapped around it.  She doesn't seem to mind too much, since it gives her an opportunity to do what she loves most  --  help people.  In that respect she's very serious, but in most all others she's a very laid-back and casual person.  She thinks very much outside the box, a trait that has gotten her in and out of trouble on various occasions (often, both at once).  Her friendship with Koyomiko began as children, when a young Sachiko decided that the lonely-looking girl in the corner desk needed company and proceeded to provide it.

Takino Koyomiko

Other Names: Miko (by just about everyone), Mi-kun (by Pan)

Official NKP Alias: Miko Favreau

NKP Rank: Hunter-Officer (Past)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Demisexual, demiromantic

DOB: November 1, 1988

A quiet, observant girl.  Koyomiko's very kind and sweet-natured, but she's got some quirks that make people around her stare and whisper, to her chagrin.  The only time she's really comfortable is around specific people, like Sachiko and her family, who accept her as she is.  These strange quirks all indicate that there is something much more to Koyomiko than meets the eye... and she would like to know what exactly it is.

Kagura Pan

Gender: Female

Orientation: Asexual, aromantic

DOB: May 5, 1988

Pan is a rare breed, being both brawn and brains.  Her past includes membership in a gang and various petty acts of violence and deliquency.  Sometimes it still shows itself when she gets angry or distracted.  For the most part, though, her rough edges have been buffed off by her friendship with the easygoing Sachiko and the gentler Miko.  She's free now to relax  --  and expand her already extensive vocabulary.  She's been offered a place in the NKP by Rin on a couple occasions, but her gang experiences make her shy away not only from authority, but from wielding it.

Takino Erika

Other Names: That Person (by Miko)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Koyomiko's mother.  Miko's oddities irritate her endlessly.  Unfortunately, the only way she knows how to deal with unusual behavior is disciplining it away.  Erika isn't actually unreasonable in most aspects of life, but the constant battle with her daughter has completely destroyed what little relationship they had.  She believes that she must change her daughter and will not back down from that position, leaving them at an impasse.

Nakamura Hayato

Official NKP Alias: Gérauld Favreau

NKP Rank: Rogue-Corporal (Past)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Homosexual

DOB: September 19, 1985

Sachiko's older brother.  Hayato's a mellow sort of guy who's in his first years of culinary school (Past).  He has the same easy-going nature as his sister, and would love to just veg on the couch or play crazy experimenter in the kitchen instead of taking on the role of an NKP officer... but he's been watching his mother try to handle things alone since he was small, and he's not about to let it happen now too.  So he's in, until she finds more suitable officers. Oh, and gents?  He's single.  ;>


Other Names: Tante (by Yukina)

Official NKP Alias: Chie Favreau

NKP Rank: Historian-Officer

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Inada was born for this job.  She adores digging through dusty archives and molding relics searching for that elusive Truth.  In fact, she's been doing just that since she was young.  Most Clanhouses employ a few Historians, but Inada hardly needs the assistance.  Everything she does is done with tireless dedication  --  and usually, extreme attention to detail.  She has an affectionate relationship with Yukina and Rie, who often look at her like a big sister despite the age gap.

Kato Nozomi

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual?

DOB: January 28, 1989

This little bundle of anger is the top artist in the Art Club at Miko and Sachiko's high school.  She might as well be leading it  --  she certainly has the force of personality to do so!  However, she tends to keep to herself, focusing on her own business rather than mixing with others.  That being said, she does seem to have some soft points.  She's been known to get right in the face of bullies and shred them verbally, or snap at people stirring up drama just for the sake of it.  Why she does so is unknown still  --  after protecting someone from either, she's quite likely to spin around and snarl at them next.


Other Names: Mr. Daggers (by the fans.  ;> )

Gender: Male

Race: Umbrian (unknown origin, probably a halfling)

Orientation: Heterosexual

DOB: Unknown, but appears to be in his 30s (Past)

Kregor is an Umbrian that was specifically hired to kill Sachiko.  It’s unknown who would want Sachiko dead or why, but someone definitely does!  He assumed this would be an easy assignment, but it has proven to be anything but!  Maybe he’ll have to treat her like one of his more serious bounties… Kregor himself is confident to the point of arrogance, and very focused on his job.  It's less about money, and more about reputation.

Jean-Hubert Beaumont

NKP Rank: Captain

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Sachiko's biological father.  Rin had known him for some time before she married and he was in the neighborhood when she was visiting her family in France.  He comforted her, she appreciated it, they got close, and Sachiko was the result.  Outside of this, he is the Captain of an NKP Clanhouse neighboring the Favreau Clan in France.  Sachiko has only met him in person once (as a baby), but she has a vivid memory of his voice and his smile, which she keeps close to her heart.


Official NKP Alias: Hikari Favreau

NKP Rank: Tamer-Corporal (Present)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

This brash, bold woman is Rie’s mother.  She always speaks her mind, regardless of the situation, and seems to be driven in large part by a generalized irritation  --  to judge by her constant ranting.  Despite that, she seems to still be deeply respected by her children, and they are not afraid of her.  Perhaps there’s a gentle side hiding behind all that gruff.

Takino Tomoko

Gender: Female

DOB: July 10, 1996

Koyomiko’s little sister. Bright and well-read, she tends to score higher marks in assignments and tests in comparison to her sister, a fact she often teases her about.  Tomoko has a habit of ferreting out secrets, such as Miko and Sachiko's relationship.  Luckily, Tomoko does love her sister and cares about her well-being.  She acts as a buffer between Miko and their mother, when she can. She has yet to discover her sister's NKP work, much to the latter's relief.


Gender: Apparently male

Race: Umbrian (unknown origin)

Miko's pet and friend.  She found him when she was about 4 years old, and to his great surprise, saw right through his feline disguise.  She nicknamed him "Koneko" right away, despite some ridicule, since most people see only a gray tabby cat instead of his much less standard shape.  Though he cannot speak (at least not in any language humans understand), he is fully sentient, and capable of rudimentary communication.  He seems to only allow certain people to see his true form, such as Sachiko or Rin, and also seems to have several other unknown abilities that allow him to move about the city with ease.  He provides a bit of comfort and needed emotional support for the girl whenever she’s at home.  He’s very laid-back and cuddly, and is often found napping around Miko’s room or on her balcony.

Cassandra Gibson

Gender: Female

Race: Ascendant

Orientation: Homosexual

DOB: May 23, 1980

Cassandra is a pyrokinetic Scottish Ascendant.  She is searching the world for fellow Ascendants, with the goal of helping them learn about themselves and showing them that they're not alone in the world.  She has established a small group in Europe that are working to advocate Ascendant acceptance worldwide, and she hopes that it will expand to the point that they can finally be heard.  Unfortunately, she's attracted a lot of the wrong kind of attention due to her fiery temper. She has taken a liking to young Koyomiko and her human friend, Sachiko.  In Miko she sees untapped potential – there is something about that girl that is quite unique, even among the Ascendants she knows, and Sachiko is a rare sight – a Human that cares and supports her Ascendant friend without any hesitation.  Perhaps a world with Human and Ascendant harmony is possible…


Furuya Mirai

Gender: Female

Race: Umbrian - Unicorn

DOB: March 18, 2009

Mirai has had a tough journey.  In Umbria, her herd had formed an alliance of a dubious sort with a werewolf pack, which went horribly sour.  Never having been attached to the "family business", Mirai fled at the last moment, choosing to dive into one of the planar rifts that connect Umbria with the Mid.  She found herself in Japan and went straight to the NKP for protection, only to discover that outdated articles had classified her race as a "beast" race and therefore nonsentient.  Mirai is not strong in magic, which caused her a lot of problems in attempting to communicate with Humans, but she persisted until she was finally sent on to the Favreau-Tokyo office. Mirai's original name was almost impossible to pronounce, so the previous Tamer charged with her case gave her this one.  She has embraced it fully, along with many other previously foreign aspects of life in the Mid.

Miyamoto Hiroki

Gender: Male

Race: Halfling (Celestial Kitsune, Human)

Orientation: Asexual, Panromantic

DOB: June 26, 2008

Rie's brother, and the elder of the Miyamoto siblings.  He does not share her ability to freely transform into a fox form, despite also being a halfling.  He is neuroatypical (autism spectrum), and is a little sensitive to certain sounds, so he always has his favorite pair of cordless headphones handy when going out!  His hyperfixation is gardening  --  the Miyamoto residence features a lovely little garden he takes care of himself, along with various indoor plants.  Solitary by nature, he does enjoy his father's company  -- and lately, Mirai's too.

Miyamoto Kazuo

Gender: Male

Race: Celestial - Kitsune

Orientation: Panromantic

DOB: June 4, 1979 (on his Human ID, at least…)

Kazuo is a quiet kitsune man who has anything but that as a family, and he doesn’t mind one bit.  Life in Celeste was dull, drab, and always the same.  With his mother’s blessing and financial support, he immigrated to the Middle Plane to start a new life.  He owns a little tea shop in Tokyo, where he deals out both strangely energizing drinks and cryptic advice in equal measure.  His wife burst into his life all of a sudden in that same little tea shop, and his fascination with her energy and verve has persisted right to the present day.  He is the family's rock in a lot of ways, providing quiet support to his loved ones.  He's very close to his son, Hiroki.


Gender: Male

Species: Umbrian (unknown origin)

Nozomi's pet bird.  Suzu resembles a sun conure, but is much larger and more intelligent.  Unlike Koneko, he is not sentient.  He encountered Nozomi when the latter was quite young, and has been by her side ever since.  No one's really sure what he is exactly, though the best guess is that he's the Umbrian equivalent of a parrot.

Lady Elianne

Gender: Female

Race: Probably Umbrian, origin unknown

The mysterious "boss" of Kregor.  She hired Kregor to kill Sachiko for reasons she has not chosen to share, and the arrangement seems to have become semi-permanent.  Elianne is a powerful witch with an affinity for dark magic.  She can also craft spells, for a price.  What else she is capable of is yet unknown.


Gender: Agender, no preference

Race: Unknown

A shadowy friend.  Allié has been by Sachiko's side for a long time, it would appear, and seems to be able to lend their friend some incredible powers.  What that entails exactly, or why, is a secret between them and Sachiko.