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Coming-of-age stories…
Creating friendships…
Happiness may or may not apply at times…
Legends in the making…

Long, long ago (like, around 2006) this story was originally a goofy little slice-of-life idea with the characters as KIDS. The creators even met via one (Leigh) making a friend character for the main character in this first draft (from Funari). It went through a few more drafts until it reached this final form. Raison is a dramatic, supernatural story…that can still be goofy at times. I was heavily influenced by both magical girl stories and stories with growth in camaraderie. In the case of Raison, we got some girls, some being members of a supernatural police force, but they’re also dealing with life and what it tends to throw at people. And sometimes those two topics collide, and oh, do they collide…
This story WILL have elements of violence (seeing as they’re part of a supernatural police force), blood, language, and sensitive subjects such as abuse.  We will try to flag any posts that are definitely worrisome, but we may not flag it all, so reader be warned.


Coming Soon: NKP Writeup, Race Guide, and World Guide!


You want to see a physical version of how certain events unfold in Raison? Check this out! Of course, the timeline also mentions some bonus material not yet archived on the main site, but consider it as a teaser of what's to come here (and if you know, you know! *wink*)


Font Guide

If you've been reading for any length of time, you have no doubt noticed that the comic uses a variety of fonts to indicate language differences.  At the present time, the "default" language for the area the characters are in appears without brackets, while any other language will be indicated with them.  The current list of fonts in use is depicted here:

Ask the Cast of "Raison" Questions!

If you ever wanted to ask a question to the cast, or even ask about some lore clarifications (as long as you don't mind spoilers...), you can submit a question here! We'll try to draw it when we come up with a good reply and will announce when a new one is posted in regular comic page updates!

About the Team

C14 consists of two longtime collaborators with a new addition as of 2020! 

The main artist of Raison, Funari (handle funakounasoul), came up with the basic concept of this story in 2013 (though many of the characters existed, in various forms, well before that!) and was solely responsible for its art until mid-2018, when her occasional ghostwriter and girlfriend Leigh (handle kourabiedes) came on full-time as writer and inker.  At the present time, both split responsibility for the comic's creation.

New to the team is colorist Rory (handle TheStarkindler/Starkindler Studio). She is a hobbyist illustrator and character designer with a slight dependence on Coke Zero. She met Leigh circa 2013 through My Little Pony, of all things. You can find her mostly yelling about video games on Twitter, or occasionally updating her DeviantART with whatever her muse strikes her with.