Based off the current, old version of Pt1 + Pt 2
Warning! May contain spoilers if you’re reading based off the current update schedule.

Birthdays Line

Events Line

Kazuo is born in Celeste (~June 4)


Rin is born as Thérèse Renée (Dec 30)


Mid-late 1970s

Rin befriends a fellow who turns out to be an Ascendant (they weren't named such yet). At the time, there was NO info on such folks and they tried to put together a book on his experiences and biological makeup as they encounter a few others just like him (but with dark outcomes due to bigotry)

Late 1970s

Rin (Wanderer) is dispatched to Japan to provide Western techniques for NKP branches there

Cass is born (May 26)



Rin gets married to Daichi Nakamura

Hayato is born (Sept 19)


Late 1980s

Rin gets her name legally changed due to xenophobic experiences

Pan is born (May 5)

Miko is born (Nov 1)

Sachiko is born (Dec 15)


-Rin takes a trip with Hayato to see her family in France. Depressed from her life as of late, she vents with a friend and neighboring NKP colleague, Jean-Hubert Beaumont. Night affair ensues.
-Daichi also has some affairs of his own while she’s away

Nozomi is born (Jan 28)

Delilah is born (Apr 12)


Early 1990s

Cass runs away from her family due to her strangeness. Grows bitter for a while as she finds others like her and wants to help them out

1992/1993 (ish)

Rin and Daichi divorce. He agrees to let her have the house. Important for later developments.

Mid 1990s

-Sachiko and Miko meet

-Kazuo immigrates to the Mid

Tomoko is born (July 10)



-Sachiko and Miko start training to become NKP officers. Hayato is given lessons as well, but less on weapon skills like these two

-Rin is given the approval to start her own Clanhouse at her own residence

Late 1990s

Cass encounters another, older and wiser Ascendant and get together to form OAR (Organization for Ascendant Rights). They also coin the term "Ascendant" together and start campaigns and protests while building up a proper organization to help and support fellow Ascendants


Memory Series: The Love Letter

Late 2003

-Sachiko and Miko start dating

-Special 5: Un Allié Spécial (though will be retconned in regards to when this event happens later)

Feb 2004

Special 1: Valentine's Day 2004

Spring-Fall 2004

All the flashbacks told in Original Part 1

Summer 2005

Memory Series: Hands


-Miko cuts ties with family and moves in with the Nakamuras

-Miko’s Awakening

-Delilah runs away from her family


Nozomi and Kazuo get married

Hiroki is born (July 26)


Mirai is born in Umbria (Mar 18)


Hayato's culinary career leads him to move away from Japan and will live in France from now on


Cass and Delilah start dating



-OAR starts trials in the whole "viable offspring" experiment - 2nd generation Ascendants, that is. All Ascendants they've encountered have all been 1st gens. Do 2nd gens exist? Can they exist?

Rie is born (Oct 8)


-Miko retires from NKP due to injury

-Sachiko and Miko get married (May)

-Miko volunteers for the OAR tests during the summer. Takes a couple of tries to stick but the one that finally did ends up in a miscarriage, just like all the other trial couples.

-Miko tries again in the fall. Guess what happens...

Yukina is born (Aug 14)

Laura is born, twins with brother Daryl (Sept 7)


-Sachiko promoted to Captain (she was promoted as a Corporal before this but not as important to note)

-Memory Series: Changes (aka "Sachiko's Ponderings")

-Cass and Delilah break up

-Rin permanently moves back to France once she knew Sachiko could handle the Tokyo Clanhouse


-Miko is invited to help with OAR activism. They could use someone with her gentle, yet passionate views on helping Ascendants. Promised to join once Yukina was in school

-Memory Series: The First Sports Festival

Mid 2020s

-Memory Series: The Gift

-Memory Series: Sidelines

-Sachiko passes the Wanderer Exams

-Nozomi promoted to Lieutenant


-Memory Series: The Love Letter Bonus page

-Special 3: "Cette fois, je tiendrai ma promesse..." (Christmas)


-Miko starts re-applying for the NKP (Get In Shape!)

-OAR still needs Miko for a few more tours, though

Sammy is born (late 2030, no specific date set)



-Memory Series: Unrequited (aka the Rie Memory)

-Special 4: To Greener Pastures

-Memory Series: Return (overrides Special 2: La Redécouverte BUT, at the moment, both can still co-exist)

-Special 6: Criminal in My Mind



-Yukina moves to France in the spring after Japanese school ends, meets Laura that autumn in new school

-Nozomi divorces Kazuo

-Nozomi is promoted to Captain. Rin offers the Nakamura residence to her and Rie.


Rie is initiated as a Healer-Officer


Yukina is initiated as a Historian-Officer



-Yukina and Laura start dating

-Weird things start happening to Yukina

-Yukina gets a visit from a strange nekomata on the night of her birthday (end of Ch 6)