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Posted February 1, 2023 at 1:21 am

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(A scratch art piece featuring Yukina! Gotta love post-holiday clearances~)

Happy New Year and whatnot! It's been a busy time at Cloud Fourteen HQ - moving to a new apartment, getting all that stuff situated while also getting the "company car" fixed up. Even here, the site is still getting itself put together, little by little!

Extras now houses A LOT of bonus comics! We're slowly adding all the neat little things we've done for fans over the years. Of course, that also means spoilers will be there if you're following the revisit update schedule. It's got warnings, though, so it's on you if you decide to spoil yourself~

Still working on getting a neat little splash page set up as the Homepage here, as well as making our support links a bit more obvious (Top Web Comics, Patreon, etc; they're all below the site btw). Not happy that Patreon's code doesn't like our page, but here's a reminder that you CAN support us on Patreon and get some neat stuff for doing so! 

Speaking of neat stuff for supporters....

PART 2 IS RESUMING SOON! That's right! Patrons will receive a new perk soon, and it involves getting early access to Chapter 7 and beyond! That's a pretty good deal, even for $1/month...since no one else will see these pages until this revisit schedule catches up to The Story Thus Far. That's a ways away!

Anyway, let's see where 2023 leads us, eh?

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