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Posted January 6, 2022 at 11:48 am

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Ever wanted to get into Raison but have been intimidated by the length? Maybe you're a longtime reader but never noticed the bonus material that actually had key plot points (a mistake I plan to fix, hehe) OR you might be a longtime reader that has seen all the updates as they happen, but would like to experience Raison from the top? Well, don't fret folks! That is exactly what's happening starting today!

Raison is starting from the top with the Original Run of Pt 1, adding Meanwhile pages and important Specials into the schedule as well! While this is happening, we'll be working behind the scenes to finish up the REMIX project (for now, those pages will be in their own section on the site ONCE we get some batches ready) and continue onward with Ch 7 so pages will be ready once we get there!

Eventually, the final setup will be REMIX's Pt 1 (with specials and such mixed in) > Original in-between Interlude > Ch. 6 (as it was) > new pages. But no more waiting. Let's all (re)enjoy Raison for now!

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